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21 Gifts for the Musicians in your Life

This is obviously a list of things that I want... but I think it's fair to assume that the musicians and music lovers is your life want these too!

1. This nifty guitar tuner

2. These rockin' (+recycled!) jewelry creations

3. One of these wicked recycled vinyl record pickguards

4. A cute little pick like this one

5. This Bass Clef Necklace

6. These Instrumental Patent Prints

7. Major-ly Musical Wine Glasses

8. This refined Guitar Pick Wallet

9. Throw Pillow

10. Soundwave Art

11. DIY Guitar Pedal Kit

12. These Cool Band Tees

13. A super-dependable instrument stand like this one

14. This Book

15. or this Book

16. Make your own Music Box

17. This Sheet Music Journal

18. Turntable Kitchen Timer

19. This Art-Music Print

20.  Or this Pillow

21. A Shower Speaker (this one has Bluetooth!)

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