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Playlist: January New Magic in a Dusty World

The start of something new is always exciting. Whether it is something in the air this time of year or just endorphins left over from good company and pink elephants, I think it is fair to say that most people look to the future with sanguine eyes. Perhaps the best word to describe it is buoyancy- as I think it is also fair to say that most people are also aware of a certain ambivalence that accompanies our knowledge that at this time we stand in front of "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" and we KNOW we cannot travel both- that we are floating in a vast ocean, one eye to the ocean floor and the other to the clouds above. We are more like sailboats than buoys, because no matter what we have the ability to sail away from this current spot we find our raison d'ĂȘtre. This time of year is so electric while so still: we feel the abundance of possibility but also feel the slow sleep that the earth takes during the winter. It is easy to feel the current pulling us forward into new things while also feeling the lull of the undertow into old ways. Take the new year to know that this is absolutely normal, however regardless of which direction you are moving, regardless if you feel it has been chosen by you or for you, your enjoyment of the year to come is your choice. Take every opportunity to find pleasure in the minute, try something new, make time for something old, and make it your mission to find the magic in everything.

I was working on a playlist for this month but I started to feel like it was too much of an ambivalent interpretation of how I am feeling this winter and I'd prefer it to be more enthusiastic. I decided to use my go-to perk-up playlist that I made last year as it seemed more fit for January. I already think of it as a new-beginnings playlist because I had made it for that purpose; I hope that it gives off the same feeling now in its place here. 

At Times We Do Forget - Steve Winwood
I'll Find My Way (LIVE) - The Derek Trucks Band
Love and Peace - Quincy Jones
Carry On - Crosby, Stills & Nash
A Taste of Honey - Peggy Lee
How High the Moon - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Homecookin'- Junior Walker
Highways - Jeff Beck
Puppet Man - The 5th Dimension
Everything Will Be Alright - Eric Clapton
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