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Playlist: February Thaws the Frozen Heart

February is the awkward middle child of the winter months... if they were siblings that is(?)--- W2s, a new semester for some, VALENTINE'S DAY... I'm under the impression that Valentine's Day is something that is a little nerve-racking for everyone: those without a valentine, those with a valentine, those with TOO MANY valentines. Well that's an interesting conversation, "Hey, I have dinner plans, and post-lunch coffee, and breakfast. Can you do lunch? Great! I prefer pink roses to red btw." 

...I guess I can't complain. I'm not going to lie, I have some options but I don't plan on dividing my Valentine's Day. Maybe that's why I'm putting such an emphasis on the holiday: it is starting to seem like a make-or-break for the guys I'm not-actually-seeing-really-sort-of (or maybe it's because I know who I want to spend it with most). It's almost as if only one of them is going to make it past (makes me think of a Valentine's Sir Didymus) the holiday. I've never had a valentine. I'm not sure if I would take up an offer to be a valentine from someone I don't see getting past Sir Valentymus just to see what it's like to spend Valentine's Day with someone or if I'd rather save it for a more romantic plan. I'd like to think that a single valentine offer is bound to make a better adventure than not going out at all, and as Steven Stills said, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." I guess I'd go for the ride and see what happens. But perhaps I should try my best to refrain from putting so much pressure on the holiday-- can one day really define the relationships you build with someone?

Take a listen to this month's playlist- maybe to calm any Valentine's Day nerves or to share with a sweetheart. I crafted it with the intention of using it for both.

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