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Fiesta Divine

By far one of the best ways to welcome the sunny season is with a fiesta-- a celebration in the fashion of the vivid blooming flowers, glowing orange suns and the sweetly sweaty parties that will follow sundown as the nights beckon with summer buzz. I'm kicking off the season with a Mexican coke, shrimp tostadas, and a pastel and black pulsera de hilo con B-R-O-O-K-L-Y-N because this is the best place on earth (and Cinco de Mayo is in da house this week). One of my favorite things about growing up here is it is the melting pot of melting pots when it comes to culture.

A "fiesta" is technically a religious festival in true Spanish meaning and is often held in celebration of a saint; fiestas and Mexican folk art in general are recognizable by the use of vibrant colors, a quality that has been said to predate European colonialism in the Americas and even have religious meanings. These colors translate well into the verdant sentiments that scream TROPICAL VACATION (!!!) even if the entire summer is spent here in the northeast. Brooklyn may not have palms and fresh coconuts but we certainly have some of the other stuff locally-- and it's the real deal.

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