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OKAY so I'm not a big fan of makeup (I try... it's just that I buy SO LITTLE makeup and I BARELY USE IT-- I MEAN I DO, BUT ONLY A FEW THINGS, AND LIKE ONLY ONE AT A TIME... AND THIS SHOULD BE IT'S OWN POST...) but we all have a favorite cosmetic. Mine is the cosmetic that I, and I'm sure many of us, started using long before we started using "makeup". I'm talking about lip balm. I've always had this horrible habit of picking my lips (it's like the opposite of biting your nails). That, along with being a flutist, basically means that I carry minimum 3 lip balms with me at all times-- just out of habit. Here is a roundup of my favorites.

5. Burt's Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit 
When I went away for school and was just about limited to campus shopping (honestly, we probably had the best in the area on campus anyway) I was lucky that my school kept in stock just about every Burt's Bees product. They were the only natural body care products on campus. I had previously been gifted a Burt's Bees lip balm set (one jar of some lime-flavored product, another of strawberry???) and although they felt great when I applied them, they did not aid in nourishing my lips in fact they dried them out. When a friend recommended this grapefruit balm by the company I was doubtful but wanted to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find the balm creamier than the products I had previously used by the company and that it did a great job of keeping my lips happy through a frigid northern winter. I'm also of the impression that grapefruit may have some awesome anti-aging properties as many of the serums I've sampled and liked have grapefruit oil in them... food for thought (and beauty!)...

4. Lip Jao
I first tried this lip balm as a sample size in a travel kit. I have since fount that the brand produces a small line of flawless products, this being my favorite of them. This balm is on the waxier side however it absorbs like a light oil. It has a mild spiciness to it, a contrast to the many lip balms that smell like tiki drinks taste. There is no mistaking the herbal make up of this product. This balm is sheer and is ideal for when you want the least globby lips possible while still moisturizing them (it's great for wind-instrument players who think there isn't a single lip balm they can wear WHILE they play!!!) I regret having bought many of the little tins of this product rather than the classic lip balm stick-- try to avoid tins because one dirty finger can ruin the whole thing!

3. Kiss My Face Ginger Mango Lip Balm
This balm is fruity and mildly creamy. It quickly calms lips and I have used it in many a chapped-lip emergency (is that a thing...? YES.) It's also a great day-to-day balm as it is SPF 15! Although it is not quite as creamy as my all-time fave balm, the benefit of SPF almost guarantees a product that fights for your lips on all playing fields. 

2. Love & Toast Rose Sorbet Lip Butter
I had been gifted two lip balms from this line that I loved, Ginger Fizz and Coconut Lime, however when I saw this one I HAD to get it. Rose is not very common in lip balm, BUT I'M CONVINCED IT SHOULD BE. Rose is naturally moisturizing and anti-bacterial, common qualities of lip balm ingredients, however it also smells so freakin' amazing (it is by Margo Elena after all)-- like I didn't know lip balms could be so fragrant-- this balm raises the bar. It also has a very sweet taste (great date night balm... HUBBA HUBBA). One thing I noticed with this line of balms was that if I had the slightest cold, these lip balms would hold on to it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George and give it back to me the next time I used it... perhaps they are just as yummy to bacteria as they are to me. Nonetheless, I would certainly buy this one again.... and again and again.

1. Alba Botanica Nourishing Coconut Cream Hawaiian Lip Balm
This is my current go-to. It has a sweetness that reminds me of honey. I love how creamy it truly is, it isn't sticky and doesn't make your lips feel waxy or tacky. Besides coconut oil, this balm has castor seed oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, sunflower seed wax, soybean oil, and apricot kernel oil. I think it's this concoction of oils that not only delivers the deep nourishment that its name suggests, but, like a good moisturizer should, it absorbs well and doesn't become filmy. It is also a great lipstick primer-- I almost never put on lipstick before putting a spare amount of this on and if I forget it works just as well over a coat of lipstick to keep it from chapping.

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