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Long Time Gone

My hair is VERY straight. Like the kind of straight that people obsess over. Not to toot my own horn but rather to say, straight hair will be nothing but. My hair will not hold a curl and it'll be damned if I run out of conditioner. Luckily, even though I ran out of conditioner here and my hair looks like vines, I put coconut oil on the ends which gloriously hydrated them and made them look amazing the next time I washed them. I would highly recommend trying it but be aware that coconut oil is NOT the same as conditioner. YES it will keep your hair from knotting but it will NOT look clean. It's almost like conditioning your hair with pomade.

I spent the day spending time in the neighborhood I grew up in. I started in a coffee shop by the train. It's a very pleasant place to sit, however like most coffee shops near trains it does not offer a lot of seating but rather caters to the transient. Fortunately I arrived between rush hour and the morning of night folks. I enjoyed a mushroom artichoke quiche and lavender mint iced tea.

It's safe to say I ate my way through the neighborhood. Watermelon coolers are great on humid days.

Poached eggs with za'atar are really good.

My kind of place...

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  1. Looks like you had a great day!!! I find that, even though my hair is wavy, using a tiny bit of oil is all I need to put in it and no conditioner.


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