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Jasper our Luck this June

When I think of the summer I think of humid nights and how you look down at the sidewalk and see flecks of mica glowing up at you and then you look up to the sky and see the stars sparkling back. It's like having a set of wishing stars right here close to home. It's quiet moments like that that make me appreciate the vastness; seeing the possibility in the home and in the rest of the entire universe in one swoop of the chin.

Jasper our Luck in June

1. Evening Over Rooftops - Edgar Broughton Band
2. My Path - Jim Noir
3. You Can't Sit Down - The Bar Keys
4. Down to the Waterline - Dire Straits
5. Do You Love Me Now? - The Breeders
6. Doused - Diiv
7. Say Man - Bo Diddley
8. The Magic - Joan As Police Woman
9. Ça Se - Scotch & Sofa
10. Driving Sideways - Aimee Mann
11. Lullaby + Exile - M. Ward

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