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6 of My Favorite Plants for Fall Color

One of my favorite things about the warm weather is experiencing the many waves of flowers in bloom. From the first daring crocuses to the last hearty rose, Spring through late Summer reserves nothing when it comes to reminding us of how alive (even Brooklyn...) is during the warmer months. Today may be the Autumnal Equinox (and the weather seems to have taken to the idea), but there are still many flowering plants that will stick around through the next few months. Here are 6 of my favorite:

Cosmos - Available in so many variations, all of vibrant colors, Cosmos are a fairly hardy annual. Although they may look like the delicate wildflowers of late Spring, they will flower through the first frosts of the season.

Calendula - You may have heard of calendula in use for skincare it has gentle antibacterial-disinfectant properties. Besides healing, it's yellowy-orange petals are a wonderful way to adorn the autumnal garden and as a hardy annual will continue to bloom through the first frosts.

Chrysanthemums - Probably the flower most commonly associated with this time of year, Chrysanthemums are hardy perennials that come in pale yellows to brighter oranges and mauves. They grow very full and will fit right in with all of the pumpkin and gourd displays. They are perhaps the hardiest of flowers this time of year, which is probably why all of your neighbors will have them too.

Pansies - Often seen in window boxes, Pansies are hardy perennials that come in very many variations, many of which will flower until the first frost. They are wonderful accents and I love to use them for color, but I can't help of think of the singing flower scene from Alice in Wonderland when I see them.


Melton Pastels - A taller hardy perennial, Melton Pastels are often a mix of pastel and bright pinks when in bloom. They have a funky liveliness to them, as their pink baubles look slightly off-kilter (in a good way!).

Appleblossom Rosebud - Appleblossom Rosebuds are actually geranium, despite their name. Geraniums of just about any kind with bloom up through the first frost, often in bright reds and pinks. While they are not quite categorized as "hardy" perennials, I think my window geranium has been with me for over 10 years! Appleblossom rosebuds are milder in color and bloom in white and pastel pink in clusters of what looks like small rosebuds. They are one of my favorite for stretching out the colors of Spring and Summer into the new season.

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  1. I love fall flowers the colours are always so rich and warm.


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