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Past Musings: Bloom

BLOOMJeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus (Small Stone Records) A cosmic transcension into the illusory world of Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus, Bloom, is the band’s first album. It introduces itself with opening track “Elefanta”, a mid-journey oath “It’s not a joke this time, I’m leaving reality for sure,” assures us that we’re witness to a story that started before we got here. Title song “Bloom” meters similar endurance as “Elefanta”, and is conceivably similar as it describes our lead having another revelation like the oath we started with. Perhaps not altogether intimidating technically or stylistically, the plait of mellotron and tremolo that curtains the eight tracks provides a heavy tip of the hat to the band’s psychedelic rock ancestors. However, the range and wail of Apelmo’s voice reaches a point letting out every breath he’s got that is most distinctive of those of hard-rock giants. The gang fashions a nomadic character and pulls us along on the journey, the “Where am I going?” question isn’t quite so daunting with so many descriptions of the gold, glittering, and transformative along the way to distract your eyes and ears from the road.
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